Venturing to New York, an Italian success story

The Melotti Giuseppe & C. S.S. Farm is a family run business whose success is due to the forward-looking choices of Giuseppe, a man deeply in love with his land. Just like him, his wife Rosa and their children Luca, Gianmaria and Francesca have this same passion, working on the family’s farm.

The farm has always been in cereal production, but in 1986 Giuseppe, in addition to corn, soy, wheat and barley, decided to devote himself to the production, processing and direct sale of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice, typical of the area.

Although the trend in the consumer market pushes consumers toward low-cost products, the choice has always been oriented towards quality production and manufacturing. A brave decision, which has proven successful. In order to achieve the best product quality, the company has maintained strong structural investment. In two decades they went from one hectare of rice paddies to 200 hectares, with an annual production of approximately 11.000/12.000 tons of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice. The considerable increase of business, has led the company to adopt modern facilities, machinery and equipment, but the work continues according to artisan criteria. "For this reason our rice is so good", says Gianmaria, sales and external company relations manager.

Over the years the product range has expanded so that in addition to Vialone Nano Veronese, offered in the three different ways (milled, semi-milled and brown), there is also Melotti branded Carnaroli rice, and Vialone Nano Novello rice, grown only on "virgin" rice paddy land, and the pride of the whole production.

In addition to the different varieties of rice, Melotti also offers liquors such as: Goccia di Riso and Grappa del Riso. Thanks to the culinary experience of Rosa or "Mamma Rosetta", new recipes and products were born, all made from rice which soon were a great success. For example, the sbrisolona cake, biscuits, chocolates, candies and many others. Other items include: a home-made non-pasteurized lager, rice espresso, a coffee alternative without caffeine and obtained from the roasting of rice, and finally a wellness skincare line made from rice starch.

Following their strong entrepreneurial instinct, in 2002, the Melotti family opened a Risotteria in the heart of Isola della Scala, a restaurant that offers a menu fully dedicated to rice and is quite popular with gourmets from all over the North of Italy.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Melotti Farm is also a teaching farm and hosts daily visitors of all ages, explaining and demonstrating the processes of growing and processing rice, and organizing cooking classes entirely devoted to rice.

"Because good rice is a culture, and in Italy we know how to treat it: if it is cultivated with care and it is collected and processed with respect, it will be amazing," says Gianmaria smiling.

"In our case it was a growing process, we acquired everything you need to deliver an excellent product. We discussed the entire process, we want to do everything in the first person, cultivating our rice on the Italian land with Italian machines and Laverda plays an important role in this. Already in the mid-90s we had our first Laverda, which was followed by a second after 4 years, because good harvesting is an essential requirement for the achievement of quality and with Laverda we can sleep soundly! The delicate way with which the combine treats the grain, cleaning the product and the harvesting process as a whole, are what guarantees excellent rice not only in taste but health-wise as well. "

Perhaps this is why Melotti rice is in the kitchens of the best Italian restaurants around the world, with great acclaim. Even in New York City's famous East Village neighborhood you can find Meloti rice. In June of this year, Gianmaria opened a second Risotteria Melotti, directed by young Alberto Pomello. A smallvand intimate place, offering the most delicious Italian, particularly Veronese, risotto and numerous other rice-based dishes, and where customers can also buy the rice themselves and try their hand at Mamma Rosetta’s recipes.

An truly fascinating  project, that of exporting a restaurant concept linked to rice and risotto, as well as its production, but it’s also a way to transmit the traditions and culture of Italian cuisine, through risotto, a true ambassador of Made in Italy.

An all-Italian success, in which Laverda plays its part.

Simonetta Lambrocco

Venturing to New York, an Italian success story
Venturing to New York, an Italian success story