Technical Specifications: M 200 RICE

Free Flow Cutting header   specific for rice
Cutting width m 4,80-7,60
Terra Control   standard
GSAX   optional
Front elevator    
Chains 3
Drum   specific for rice
Diameter x width mm 600 x 1.340
Beating bars 12
Concave   specific for rice
Bars 12
Wrapping angle degrees 120
REV module    
Bars/positions 2/3
Straw-walkers / steps 5/4
Separation surface m2 6,72
Sieving pan and fan    
HCD sieves with opposing action   standard
Fan   volumetric
Grain tank    
Capacity litres 6.500
Unloading speed litres/sec. 85
Cab and driver’s seat   Comfort Cab
Air conditioning
and heating system
On board computer   Agitronic Plus II
SCR et DOC technology engine   AGCO Power
Type   74 AWF.1043
Power (ECE R120) kW 160kW@1950rpm
Tracks with chains   standard