Technical Specifications: M300 MCS LC

Cutting header    
Cutting width - Free Flow m 4,80-7,60
Cutting width - Power Flow m 5,50-6,80
TST   standard
Front elevator    
Feeding system   PFR
Chains   3
Diameter x width mm 600 x 1.340
Beating bars 8
Ballast bars 8
Bars 12
Wrapping angle degrees 120
MCS Plus - Multi Crop Separator Plus    
Activation of control system   electric
Total forced
separation surface
m2 1,89
Straw-walkers / steps 5/4
Separation surface m2 7,62
Sieving pan and fan    
HCD sieves with opposing action   standard
Fan   volumetric
Grain tank    
Capacity litres 8.600
Unloading speed litres/sec. 105
Cab and driver’s seat   Proline Cab
Air conditioning and heating system   standard
TechTouch 2 Terminal   standard
SCR technology engine   AGCO Power
Type   74 AWF.1044
Power (ECE R120) kW 179kW@2000rpm
Automatic levelling device    
Transversal - 4WD version   20%
Transversal - 2WD version   15%