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Laverda: AL quattro Evo

Laverda’s Hillside combine will be on display at the Agrilevante Expo, new pavilion, stand 4, Bari 17-20 October 2013

Breganze, September 2013 Laverda will be present at the Agrilevante Expo, with its AL quattro Evo, able to tackle transversal gradients of up to 40%, longitudinal inclines of up to 30% and downhill slopes of up to 10%.

Equipped with exclusive Laverda technology such as, the Free Flow cutting header with the large-diameter auger and sturdy frame, and GSAX levelling the cutting header across the ground and lengthwise the  Al quattro Evo also offers a specific Hillside combine long elevator channel, with a large entrance guaranteeing excellent yield and optimum visibility of the bar. The machine also has the PFR system, located in the elevator inlet for a smooth and continuous flow of product from the cutting header to the threshing unit.

The extremely effective and adjustable threshing system, equipped with: 8 rasp bars and 8 ballast bars, an electrically adjustable front and rear concave and the MCS Plus that subjects the crop to a forced separation action, but can be deactivated if the crop is delicate with friable straw before it arrives to the straw walkers. In addition, the Rev module, integrated into the system MCS Plus, increases the separation area by 20% and widens the wrapping angle to 120°, while getting the most out of the entire length of the straw walkers.

Thanks to the sensors of the electronic circuit, the combine is always in a perfect position respect to the contour of the terrain, while maintaining the threshing and separation components in a horizontal position. In cases where the hillside terrain is particularly steep and rugged we offer the tried and tested four-wheel drive with a 130cc hydrostatic pump as standard.

The AL quattro EVO is equipped with a stage III/B emission level Agco Power engine designed for low fuel consumption, maximum economy and long life expectancy with the utmost respect of the environment . The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) technology, reduces atmospheric emissions without any negative effects on operations and maintenance, just a more efficient fuel use and therefore reducing operating costs.

The Comfort Cab Pro provides maximum comfort and the best working conditions, while the operational reliability of the machine is controlled by the onboard computer 2nd generation Agritronic Plus offering a very clear visualization of various performance and efficiency parameters of the combine.

It has been designed to meet operator requirements to ensure the best working conditions and therefore optimising productivity.

  • All-round visibility: wide windscreen and large grain tank viewing window provides level and grain quality control all the time.

  • Easy access: telescopic ladder and wide cab entrance.

  • Adjustable high-intensity H9 headlights: allows you to work at night with total visibility for as long as the harvesting conditions allow.

  • Multifunction lever built into the armrest: stands out for ergonomics, intuitive use  and integrated grain unloading on/off controls.

  • Multifunction lever built into the armrest: stands out for ergonomics and intuitive use.

  • Maximum comfort: air-suspension seat, air-conditioning system and, optional: portable cooler, radio and CD player, camera with colour display and GPS satellite system.


For more information:   

Simonetta Lambrocco
Communications and Public Relations Manager
Laverda S.p.A. – Via F. Laverda, 15/17 – 36042 Breganze (VI)
Tel.: 0445 - 385 305
Fax: 0445 - 385 593
Mob.: 335 84 55 892
e-mail: Simonetta.Lambrocco@AGCOcorp.com

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Laverda: AL quattro Evo
Laverda: AL quattro Evo