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At Sima, hall 6 stand F 048, M 400 LCI is the protagonist

The new M 400 series combine harvester is the protagonist at Sima, hall 6 stand F 048, North Paris Villepinte, France, from the 24th to the 28th of February, 2013


Breganze, January 2013. The Laverda M 400 LCI (Integral) 5 straw-walker combine is exceptionally agile and comfortable to use on all types of terrain and is the ideal solution for harvesting on rolling-hill areas.

Levelling Concept

The M 400 LCI rises above the group because of Laverda’s exclusive and patented,  lateral action levelling system, based on 2 movements: machine body levelling, and table levelling. The lateral levelling system uses two reinforced joints that, through electrohydraulics, provide a lateral adjustment of the machine on different gradients of the terrain. This model offers perfect positioning and an extremely precise and reliable levelling system. Thanks to sophisticated engineering, the combine can work on lateral gradients of as much as 20%, up to 30% uphill and 10% downhill.

Excellent stability and minimal soil compaction are guaranteed by large tyres (800/65 R32). The lateral levelling system reduces outer dimensions to just 3.50 m, ideal for fast road travel even on narrow roadways. External dimensions can be further reduced by up to 3.30 m, opting for a different size of front tires (710/75 R32 or 650/75 R32).

For steep slopes, it’s crucial to equip the combine with strong final drives that receive and transmit high torque for maximum traction and power on all ground conditions. The new final drives, a Laverda exclusivity, are equipped with 10 bolts, and are standard.

The 4WD on Laverda’s M 400 LCI guarantees optimal control over the vehicle even on the most difficult land and in the most adverse conditions. The four-wheel, the front and rear levelling allows the machine to work in all directions and over vast areas, making following straw harvesting operations much easier to deal with.

New cab : Skyline Cab

The all new Skyline Cab has been developed by Laverda engineers to create a well designed ergonomic control centre for operating ease and efficiency. Easy access is guaranteed by a new telescopic ladder and wide cab entrance. With an optimal seating position in the air-suspended seat, plenty of legroom and the fully adjustable steering wheel, operators can expect maximum comfort. The fully automatic air-conditioning/heating, instructor seat with cooler and storage make the day’s work load much easier. Excellent sound isolation with innovative material and the most cutting edge technology in the market (PVB acoustic film).

Available as options is the “Ceres 8000 i” a GPS satellite system for performance and recording output and moisture levels. And an important new addition has been introduced as optional, the Multimedia Navigation “NY 800” with a 6.2-inch colour touch screen, with features such as: navigation system, radio, CD and DVD player, two USB ports and SD card slot, Bluetooth technology, and AV-IN (audio-video).

The new console provides a simplified operability and optimal management of each function, achieving two objectives: greater comfort for the operator, greater efficiency in work. All the important operating functions are at the drivers fingertips, while using the multifunction Powergrip lever, the TechTouch Terminal, the toggle switches and the membrane keypad.

Electrically adjustable side mirrors and a large array of high intensity H9 working lights enable the operator to view all of the key visibility lines during the night. From the header and crop elevator in the front to the grain tank behind through the viewing window and the discharge tube to the side, all-round visibility from the cab is guaranteed. And if that wasn’t enough, it is possible to see even more since the combine is equipped with a rear video camera as standard. When driving forwards or in reverse, the camera allows you to look into blind areas, providing greater safety while driving the vehicle.

TechTouch Terminal

Laverda understands the requirement for a multi-functional Hi-Tech terminal in a combine, however it’s also very important that the technology is easy to use. Therefore, Laverda introduces the TechTouch Terminal, a new generation of terminals, which has been developed for the operation needs of the combine harvester. It can conveniently be used with both touch screen technology or the navigation keys and rotary control.

The 10.4” TechTouch Terminal guarantees detailed machine monitoring and control with its intuitive, multi-lingual menu with a flat hierarchy.

Users can navigate quickly and have 4 applications displayed simultaneously. Day or night the high resolution scratch free screen can be viewed since it adjusts automatically to the ambient brightness.

The clutter-free display is quite flexible, it can be personalized and easily modified, also allowing you to have a full screen view or quarter screen view of the rear video camera. The terminal graphics are designed to be simple and intuitive to use, through a one control logic for all applications, a clear menu of self explanatory symbols for easy orientation. Default and personalized settings in the TechTouch Terminal can be saved and recalled at a later time.

In addition to its technological innovations, the M 400 LCI has a captivating new look, characterized by an aggressive and sleek design. A look made even more attractive by the new Laverda brand, launched at EIMA International last November and now on display for the first time to the French public.

For further information:
Luciano Parise
Manager, Product & Marketing – Breganze
Laverda S.p.A. – Via F. Laverda, 15/17 – 36042 Breganze (VI)
ph: + 39 0445 385.325  fax: + 39 0445 385.593 mob.: + 39 335 7611956
e-mail: Luciano.Parise@agcocorp.com

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At Sima, hall 6 stand F 048, M 400 LCI is the protagonist