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AGWN, the Global Network of AGCO EAME Women meets in Breganze

The AGWN Europe, Africa, and Middle East meeting was held on February 18th and 19th in the modern European Harvesting Operations site in Breganze.

Breganze, March 2014.  The event involved over 60 participants from all over Europe and the United States and was attended by the top management of AGCO.

“I am proud to see how well the AGCO Global Women´s Network has developed since its foundation back in 2011. Not only have we held many successful events at regional and local level, but most importantly we have brought management attention to the challenge of developing women into leadership at AGCO”, stated Lucinda Smith, Vice President of Senior Global Business Services as well as founding member and executive sponsor of AGWN.

Francesco Quaranta, Vice President and General Manager Harvesting, host of the event, declared: “I am delighted to host the AGWN EAME event here at our European Harvesting Operations at Breganze.  We have heavily invested in excellence over the last years: excellence in our people and in our plant, and we are striving for excellence in quality, as well as in our products and technology. So today we will add excellence in leadership through AGCO’s Global Women’s Network”.

Thanks to his speech, all participants have taken full view of the activities linked to the  production of combine-harvesters  and, with a guided tour of the production plant, they have clearly understood why Breganze is the strategic centre of AGCO in Europe for this business.

A critical success factor for any successful organisation is the ability of their leaders to think strategically, developing long-term business plans and transforming their key decisions into a competitive advantage for any company

To further enhance this ability to think strategically, five teams from AGWN EAME have challenged each other with as many business cases on issues of great interest. The panel, composed of AGCO’s top management on a global level, awarded recognition of the best business case to a project imprinted on the development of a voluntary activity for AGCO employees in support of subsistence farming in Zambia.

Rob Smith, Senior Vice President, General Manager EAME said: “Firstly, I would like to congratulate the winning team who presented a well thought through business case that will enable AGCO employees to dedicate volunteer work into projects that support subsistence farming in Africa, and, as such, drive employee engagement, as well as outline a clear business perspective for AGCO”.

Smith, at the end of the meeting, congratulated all teams for their dedication and  passion in developing valid business cases by thinking strategically and at the same time solving business issues.


For more information:   

Simonetta Lambrocco
Communications and Public Relations Manager
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Tel.: 0445 - 385 305
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Mob.: 335 84 55 892
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AGWN, the Global Network of AGCO EAME Women meets in Breganze
AGWN, the Global Network of AGCO EAME Women meets in Breganze
AGWN, the Global Network of AGCO EAME Women meets in Breganze